What Was Your Workout Today?

What was your workout today?

Mine was Weights for the legs and Cardio!

I love leg day!! I love lifting heavy and feeling somewhat sore the next day!!

Cardio on the other hand- I’m kind of MEH about! I do it because it makes you healthy. Period.

What did you do today?

Did you break a sweat or build some muscle? Was it a cardio day or yoga?

It is recommended that you get at least 30 minutes 5 days a week!

Did you hit that?

The BEST workout is the one you love and will keep doing because you love it!

Keep it up this week! You’ve got this!!

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Essential Oil Tip:

Use Peppermint Oil on the bottom of your feet when you just aren’t feeling it to workout! It energizes you and can put some pep in your step!!