What the Mind Can Do……

This is one of my favorite fitness quotes! I have it posted on my Vision board, my lock screen and its written on my mirror!

The first big step to making any change- physical, mental or emotional. is changing your mind.

Your mindset is one of the strongest tools you have to remake your body, goals and life!

I am a huge fan of writing down and posting your goals in a place that you can see every day! It is then your new goal starts to change and challenge your mind, then if your goal is a physical one-lets say you want to run a 5k, you post it on your bathroom mirror and every morning you look at that goal. You are reminded to work on that goal and perhaps it spurs you to set out your tennis shoes and go running after work. After work you start to run but you really want to quit, but then you remember you have it on your mirror, you don’t want to disappoint yourself so you keep on running! See!! Your body has just responded to your mind!

So, I am challenging you today to set a goal

-whether its exercise, eating 5 servings of vegetables or dealing with stress- post it somewhere you see it every day and then follow through! When the going gets tough or you are tempted to not do it, look at that goal!! Don’t take your mind off that goal!!

I have a 21 day Challenge coming up and this would be a perfect time to set a goal and work on your mindset as well!!!

Be on the look out for the challenge early next week!