21 Days to Change!

21 Days to Make a New Habit!

Making a Change Takes Time!

Have you ever tried to change an old habit or start a new one?

How long did you give yourself to do it? A day? A week? Two weeks?

Habits take time! The minimum time you should give yourself for starting a new habit or breaking an old one is-you guessed it-21 days! Now it may actually take longer to really ingrain a new pattern into your life but 21 days will give you a solid foundation to start on!

To help you get started on a new habit, I am offering a 21 Day Challenge!! It will beginApril 1st and end April 22nd.

Now how do you start a 21 day challenge?

Well, think of a fitness, health or essential oil goal you’d like to achieve! It could be walk 30 minutes a day, drink 80 oz of water everyday, eat 5 fruit and veggies a day, use a specific oil everyday or take your supplements everyday! The sky is the limit!

Then I want you to write it down (and post it in a reply below as well) where you can see it every day-on your fridge, bathroom mirror or on your lock screen!

Then formulate a plan on how you are going to achieve this goal! If its walking every day then schedule your time to walk, if its more veggies, go to the store to buy more to fix and prep them! Whatever it is it is easier to achieve if you have a plan!

My goal is going to be hitting 100oz of water every day! I do pretty good at getting 60-80 oz in but I really need more water!

My plan is to get 30 oz in first thing-even before my coffee! I am going to use my 25 oz refillable water bottle 3 times during the day! I keep it with me most of the time but I need to drink it! I will also use orange or lemon essential oil to flavor my water and keep me from being bored with my water!

So!! I want to hear about your 21 day habit you want to achieve!

Post below what you want to work on!!