10 Things You Might Not Know about ME

This is me!!

My Top 10

#10- I love sticky notes!! Any color or size! You will find them in my books, on my wall next to my desk, in the kitchen-everywhere!!

#9- I love the outdoors!! Especially the mountains of NC or WV!! I enjoy walking outside or hiking or just sitting!! I can’t stand to be cooped up for long!

#8- I have 2 dogs and 3 cats! We have sucker written all over our foreheads! They all are rescued and of the Heinz 57 pedigree!

#7- I love to use a Me and My Big Ideas Planner! The busier the better! I focus better when something catches my eye!

#6- I have a lot of energy and when I don’t workout- I get on my own nerves(and everyone else’s!) It’s a blessing and a curse!

#5- I have a veggie-tot obsession!! Weird I know! I love almost every flavor-cauliflower, broccoli and broccoli and cheese! I need a good recipe so I can make them myself!!

#4-I am NOT a morning person! Oh how I wish I were! Once I’m up early I’m cool with it but its the getting up part! But I also do not like to sleep late-7am is as late as I like to stay in bed! I love staying up late and that’s when I am probably the most creative!

#3-I LOVE my Jeep Wrangler!! I never thought I would love a vehicle quite so much! But It makes me SO, SO happy!! Thanks again Sean!! ❤

#2- I LOVE my doTERRA essential oils!! I do have my favorites though! I love any citrus oil, spearmint, peppermint and the blend Balance!!

#1-I love to lift weights!! The heavier, the better!! I’ve been lifting for years and I enjoy it so much! It’s a great way to shape the body and burn loads of calories!

I would love for some of you to make a top 10 list of your own!! It’s so fun to find out interesting facts about each other!!