The Top 10 Essential Oils for Exercise!

Essential oils can be used to enhance exercise and aide in recovery from it. There are so many combinations and blends that can be used that there are too many to list!!

But here are the top 10 oils I use on a regular basis for pain and inflammation-before, during and after exercise!!

The Top 10 Oils for Exercise:

Number 10: Frankincense: It has SO many uses!! It helps with inflammation and pain! It also can help with skin irritation that may be the result of ill fitting shoes or a fall!

Number 9: Lemongrass: It is wonderful for pain! It helps to soothe and ease painful muscles and joints. Blended with Marjoram and frankincense it is often referred as to as “liquid morphine” because it works SO well!!

Number 8: Marjoram: This oil is awesome for nerve pain! It can calm the pain associated with neuropathy! It also helps to calm and relax the body!

Number 7: Siberian Fir: This oil is great for joint and muscle pain! It’s cooling and helps calm inflammation!

Number 6: Copaiba: Ahhh!! What can I not say about this oil!! It’s fabulous for pain, inflammation as well as mood! It covers so many aspects of health!

Number 5: Tumeric: This oil is fabulous for pain and inflammation and can be used topically or internally every day as support for the body!

Number 4: Aromatouch: The massage blend! It feels fabulous as a massage oil and in use for injuries and pain!

Number 3: Peppermint: I love peppermint for pain! It’s good for cooling especially on hot days when trying to workout! It’s also great to put on bottom of the feet to energize and power you through the workout!!

Number 2: Cinnamon Oil: Cinnamon is a great anti-Inflammatory oil! It helps tremendously with arthritis pain and gives a warming sensation when used with peppermint, Deep Blue and Aromatouch!

Number 1: Deep Blue oil: This is liquid gold as far as muscle pain, inflammation and joint pain! It’s a miracle worker it seems! It can be applied neat as well as with a carrier oil!!

Do you have any other essential oils you like to use before, during or after exercise!!!

Share in the comments! I love to learn and try new ideas all the time!!!