How to Make a Protein Shake that Doesn’t Taste Like One!

I have drank many, many protein shakes over the years!!

Some people discredit them, but they are a great way to get a quick meal in! Especially post-workout when you need to refuel those muscles! Protein shakes are easily digested and (should)have the proper nutrients you need to replenish the energy used during weights and heavier workouts!

There are some tricks to making a great shake!

First, Buy a good quality protein shake powder! It doesn’t matter if its vegan, whey or whatever one you choose, it just needs a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Choose one that isn’t extreme on one macronutrient or the other. I usually look for one where the protein and carbs are similar in grams and fat ranges from 2-5 grams.

Second, Taste. If it tastes horrible there is NO covering that up! Believe me! Yuck is yuck! If you have friends who use protein powders ask if you could try a sample!!! It’s better to try before you buy if possible!

Third, Flavor! Decide what you want to(if any)put it in your shake! If you want to pack it with essential oils, fruit and greens, you may want to get a vanilla. It mixes well with other flavors! But if you just want something that you can shake and go any flavor may do! The brand I use have all kinds of flavors!

Fourth, Invest in a good shaker bottle or blender(I LOOOOOVE my Ninja!!). Nothing is worse than clumps of powder stuck on the bottom-I will tell you how to avoid that as well!!

What protein I use:

I personally use Isagenix Whey protein. They also have dairy free options as well and several tasting options! They are especially great if you are weight lifting and need a little more protein! I have also used doTERRA’s Trim Shakes as well. They are better if you are trying to lose some weight as they are lower in protein.

Also if you are going to use essential oils in your shakes make sure they have the doTERRA CPTG certification. They are the purest oils out there!!!

Ok!! Now to the nitty gritty!! I’m going to break it into steps!

1. Gather everything! You don’t want your ice to be melted by the time you find your shake!

2. Start with your water(almond milk-whatever liquid you want) I usually do about 1 cup of liquid!

3. Add your ice or frozen fruit(or spinach)! 3 ice cubes is about the minimum pieces I use. The more ice you use the thicker your shake! If using frozen fruit or veggies 1/4-1/2c is plenty.

4. Add your protein powder! I also add a sprinkle of stevia for some added sweetness(depends on the protein). I have also been adding in some collagen powder in as well. Also you can add nut butters, MCT or Coconut Oil here!

5. Then add your essential oils if you putting them in there, as they will stick to the powder and blend better. That’s my opinion!!LOL

6. Then add your fresh fruit or veggies if using them!

7. Cap it and blend! I usually can get away with about 30 seconds.

If using a shaker bottle:

1.Start with your water(or whatever liquid). Cold is best!

2. Add your protein powder, supplements(like collagen), a bit of stevia and any oils you want to use!

3. Drop in the mixer thingy(does it have a name???) and make sure you have the top on tight and the spout closed(learned from experience-believe me!!) Build your arm muscles! Shake, shake and shake!

That’s pretty much it!!

Some of my favorite combos are:

*Vanilla Protein Powder Wild Orange essential oil(usually 5-10 drops)

*Chocolate Protein Powder Peppermint essential oil(2-4 drops)

*Pumpkin Spice Protein Powder Cinnamon, Clove or Cassia essential oil toothpick dipped in the top and swirled in the water!

Strawberry Protein Powder. Mix of berries, Orange or Lemon essential oil, spinach