Back Pain, Deep Blue and some Stretches Ya’ll!!!


So you know the feeling…….

You go to get up and well, your back is in disagreement with you as to whether you really need to get up!


We all have it from time to time. It can be a mild irritation to an all out assault on your ability to stand up straight!

It can hit when you are young-my youngest son at 17 herniated a disc in his spine and suffered quite a bit- and well sometimes its just over use and old age!

I firmly believe that staying active and doing yoga(plug here-I teach yoga Mondays and Wednesdays at 8AM in Wendell!!) are the key to keeping your back healthy as well learning to lift properly and working on keeping your core strong(another plug here I teach Pilates on Thursdays in Zebulon, 9AM). Seeing a chiropractor is also good for keeping your spine healthy and limber. When you do have some back issues come go see one so you don’t let them settle in and become chronic!

One other big help is using your essential oils and light stretching at home as your first line of defense!

Deep Blue Oil and Deep Blue Rub are my go tos!!! They bring such relief to pain and irritation of the muscles and joints! Often I can rub some Deep Blue in, stretch a little and maybe go on a light walk and my back will loosen up!

Please watch this video for a how to on using your Deep Blue Oil and Rub and try the 2 stretches I suggest for your back pain!!

Let me know how it works for you!! I’d love to know!

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