My Favorite Weights Workout Day!!

I generally like all my workout days but my FAVORITE weight workout day is……..


I love the look of strong shoulders!

But the funny thing is, its one of my most challenging workout days!

I have old, over use injuries that make it challenging at times to lift as heavy as I like! But I do love a challenge and sometimes I have to do some finagling to find what works!

A typical workout for shoulder days consists of 4-5 exercises with varying repetitions.

This weeks shoulder workout is a very basic workout-nothing fancy just the opportunity work hard and build some muscle!

  • Shoulder OH Presses 4×10 medium to heavy weight
  • Lateral Raises 4×10 Lighter to medium weight(for me-my shoulders don’t like them!)
  • Bent over Reverse Flyes 4×10 medium to heavy weight
  • Plate Front Raises 3×15 medium to heavy weight
  • KB Upright Rows 3×15 medium weight(Kettlebells just make it easier for me to hold but use whatever weight you like!)
  • Band Lateral Raise or Overhead Press(you choose) 3×15-20 Choose a band that when you are at about 13 reps its heavy! This is a burnout type of finisher!

And yes this is the truth. Wash your hair the day of shoulder day because the next day or the second day after shoulder day it might be iffy!!! 🙂