I am so excited for you to be here!!! I hope you will take a look around, ask questions and comment!!

Today is my launch day for this site and as you can see I have written a few blog posts, added info about essential oils and my personal training business! There still may be some quirks here and there but there always are!!! Please be patient as I am an old dog learning many new things!!!

I have to give some thanks out as well-

My son’s girlfriend Jeimy Vargas-a HUGE thank you especially!! She has helped me set my site up, answered questions at all hours of the day(even 5 minutes before this post!) and offered to help whenever she knew I was confused!! I’m so glad there are smart people out there!

My hubby Sean-he believes in me even when I don’t! He works hard to give me the opportunity to fly where my interests and ideas lead me! I appreciate him greatly!

My friend Karen- because she listens to my crazy ideas and won’t hesitate to tell me if they’re crazy and the ask what time we’re doing them!!But she gives great advice!!

My Mom-well she’s my mom and they always support us!!! But she has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders!! Love ya!

Thank you for joining me today and for launching along this adventure!!!

Love, Amy Skaggs