Why I Should Be Your Personal Trainer…..Pt 1

I know this is a little presumptuous of me but,

well, let me explain!

I totally know what it is like to be out of shape, over weight and down on myself. I have been there over and over and over again. I have spent the better half of my life fighting being overweight and losing weight. Wash, rinse and repeat.

It sucks-really sucks.

Sometimes your fighting bad habits and old patterns.

Sometimes your fighting genetics.

Sometimes your fighting hormones.

Sometimes it’s just life got in the way.

Or sometimes it’s ALL of the above.

That’s been my case.

And I’m tired of it!

Let me tell you a little about myself and my weight loss/gain history.

I was a fat child and teen, developed anorexia in Jr. High, recovered and leveled out for a good while and I fell in love with fitness, eating healthy and weight lifting during this time. Then I got married and started having kiddos and of course your hormones are crazy, your have little time and life happens- and so did chub! Then when my kids were a little older I got back into really working out, started teaching again and my weight got back under control!

In 2008 I decided to do a Figure Competition diet(I was too much of a coward to get on stage though!) and I looked the best I ever had. It came at a cost though! I finished the “cut” part of the diet in February of 2008.

I then had Mono in March 2008. I

was just too depleted and had over exercised way too much.

Then in June of that year I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.

We have a family history of hypothyroidism which I didn’t know about! It explains a lot about the weight issues in my family!

I have been dealing with that ever since.

It’s frustrating and seems like you just can’t defeat it!

All that being said though, I carry extra weight, I battle it all the time but, I am in great health, I have a ton of muscle, I can work hard and I teach and train a ton! I have tons of energy and feel great!

So-I am not your stereotypical trainer…….

I’m not ripped and buff….

I’m not over the top with exercise……

I’m not a runner…..

But, I am a good trainer, a good exercise teacher and yoga instructor….

I’m not being arrogant-I promise!

I just push myself to constantly learn and improve myself so I can be better for my clients!

I love to teach people and see them succeed at getting fit and in shape!

I won’t go easy on you but you won’t die either!

So, see that’s why I should be your trainer!

I understand.

I get it.

It’s hard.

But you can always move forward and be working towards a healthier you right where you are!