Today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day!!!

I learned earlier this week that today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day!

I have taught and worked with Seniors for most of my fitness career! I truly enjoy them! They often have had me laughing until my jaws hurt! They often have blown me away with just how hard they will work and how they will do what you ask of them! (With exception of getting on the floor!!LOL)

I also personal train Seniors and they are a joy to train! They rarely complain and work really hard!

They can also be stubborn…………….but we won’t talk about that! LOL

Here are some tips if you are a Senior and want to get in shape!

  1. See your doctor

This is really important! You want to make sure there are no contradictions to you starting an exercise program. Also, go to your doctors office with a facility, class or exercise in mind! If its a facility, ask if they have a Physicians form, so your doctor can fill it out!

—————————–The Rest of these Hinge Upon #1 being a Yes!!!————————-

2. Do your research! Is there a certain type of activity you enjoy? Do you like to dance to your favorite music? Do you enjoy being outside? Do you need interaction with other people? Do you crave quiet movement and stress relief? Do you love the water? All of these ideas will help you figure out what type of exercise you should choose!

3. Try trial or free classes. Most facilities will let you try a class or buy a day or week pass so you can try different classes! Its a great idea to sample some-there’s nothing worse than walking into a class and realizing your in a prenatal class(yes, I have done that!!) and YOU’RE not pregnant!! LOL

4. Consider a Trainer. A trainer can work closely with your doctor to figure out a good program for you. This is especially important if you are coming back form an injury or surgery! Also, some one on one attention can be necessary when dealing with some health issues!

5. Start by Walking. Its one of the easiest workouts you can do! If you are really de-conditioned, your walk might be walking from one end of your house to the other a couple times a day. Then you can slowly build up!

6.Go with your spouse or a friend! It’s much easier to go with someone! There is strength in numbers(that’s biblical!!)! A new place isn’t as scary if you have someone with you!

7.Go early and introduce yourself to the Instructor! If they are like me-names are hard, so tell me your name and something about yourself! Like do you have a health issue? Did you just move? You have a crazy dog! I always say I may not remember your name if I see you at the store, but I’ll remember if you’ve had a knee replacement or pace maker!

I find Seniors today are more in shape than many in the younger generations! I guess they now have time to work on their health and most enjoy the camaraderie of others their age! One class that I have taught for almost 13 years is Senior Aerobics. They have become a tight knit community! Many close friendships have formed in this class!

I highly recommend you start today! Life is short and God gave us one life and one body to take care of! You can take small steps today to become healthier!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Here’s to your health!!