Why I Should Be Your Personal Trainer…..PT 2

Ok, so my Part 1 post, was why I can understand someone who is struggling with their weight or their fitness level.

Now, I want to tell you why I am qualified to be your personal trainer!

I have been body building since I was in high school!! I got into it totally by chance but soon was hooked!! I love a challenge and love to work hard! I have spent a ton of time in the gym since then!

Back in the day, my biggest weight lifting hero was Rachel McLisch!! Do y’all remember her?

Rachel McLish

But experience aside, I am ACE(American Council on Exercise) certified in Group Fitness and Personal Training as well as a Weight Management Specialist. I am also 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certified. I recently acquired a Mindset Certification as well. I am currently working on a Health Coach Certification as well! I have worked really hard to be a well rounded fitness coach and teacher!

I love to solve my clients fitness problems(and some not fitness related-LOL)!! Whether it’s they have muscle imbalances, injuries we have to work around or figuring out a diet that works for them-I love the challenge!

Then when we have a break through I feel like I’ve won a Grammy or something!

My client’s successes are my great reward!

I will be your treated cheerleader but I also will push you to reach your highest potential!

I am currently taking a few clients and I would be honored to be your personal trainer!!