One of My Favorite Cardio Workouts!!

Do you have a favorite cardio workout?

Now let me be REALLY honest with you…..I really dislike most cardio! Give me weights any day!!!

My favorite cardio is WALKING!! Now I will do HIIT training and I will run sprints but I GRUMBLE the entire time and think I’m dying!!LOL If given the choice to lift weights or do cardio-well weights always win!

Walking is SO, SO good for you! It not only is a great cardiovascular workout, but it also is wonderful for relaxation and lowering cortisol levels in the body! It is a great compliment to many of the harder workouts we so-weight lifting, crossfit or running! Now walking is an exercise that most everyone can do! It doesn’t really matter if you’re slow or if you walk fast, you don’t need any fancy gear, you don’t need to have a membership to do it!

All you need is a good pair of shoes, comfy clothes and pick out a safe area to walk in or check around and see if there are any community centers or running tracks!

So let’s talk about the mechanics of walking!

First, you want to make sure you keep your head up and looking forward.

Second, you want to roll your shoulders back and down, opening up the chest to allow for deep breathing.

Third, pull your stomach in a bit-this helps to support the spine and helps tone the abs!

Fourth, aim to land towards the middle of the foot when placing the foot down! Roll through the big toe and second toe-this will help prevent shin splints. Also if you are more of a heel walker, try not to strike the ground with all of your weight!

Fifth, gently swing your arms(unless you are going for that speed walker look!). Try not to clinch your fists.

Lastly, BREATHE!!! That’s part of the enjoyment of walking is having the opportunity to breathe and relax!

Also, check out some of these images below to help you correct your stride and walking posture!

Also, finding some cute walking buddies is always a plus!!