Why I Started My Fitness Journey

A Sad Beginning:

So, my fitness journey starts out as kind of a sad story-but it gets better!

I was a normal sized child up until my dad left and my parents got divorced. I, then, replaced my dad with food and thus began my lifelong battle with being overweight! I also fight genetics-being overweight runs in my family.

It is a struggle everyday!

Between the ages of 7 and 13 I was a fat child, often getting teased and tormented over my weight. I learned that I was undesirable because of my weight and that your worth was based on how you looked. This has shaped my whole life.

A Worse Fate:

The sad thing is, it set me up for an even worse fate….

When I turned 13 I developed anorexia. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, it is dark and tormented path that can take over your life. It is one that you will continue to fight in some shape or form the rest of your life. Even just the mentality.

The way I lost weight was unhealthy and dangerous- 100lbs in 9 months. I went from 180lbs to 80lbs. So yes, I was at an unhealthy weight, but I went from one extreme to the other. I starved myself and over-exercised. I had several scares. It took me about two years to recover and get back to a normal weight.

The Good from the Bad:

But during this time I fell in love with exercise. I learned the healthy way to exercise after this period of time in my life. It has helped me, no matter what my weight is, to feel more confident and stronger both mentally and physically.

I now struggle with hypothyroidism and that makes losing weight especially hard! My weight has been a source of aggravation most of my life-but I been able to be physically fit despite extra weight. I can walk, run, lift heavy weights and teach up to 10 classes a week!

A New Direction:

I loved exercise SO much that I eventually decided that I wanted to pursue fitness as a profession! I felt there were many people like me who struggled to lose weight and needed someone who got it. Someone who had been there.

I’ve been a group fitness teacher for almost 18 years. I love teaching people and I like to think I’m pretty good at it (sorry not tooting my own horn but I usually have decently full classes!). But, there was one thing I had wanted to pursue for at least 10 years. Getting certified as a personal trainer, but I let my weight be a stumbling block.

I felt like I would be a bad example and an imposter.

I felt like it didn’t matter that I had tons of experience -lifting weights, body building, losing weight and teaching numerous classes, that all because I carried some extra weight, I was disqualified.


Last year, I took the plunge and did it!!! I earned my personal trainer certification!! I have never felt so accomplished!

But, old demons resurfaced and I kept saying to myself, “What are you thinking? NO ONE will hire you! You are bad example!!”. Isn’t it funny that we talk so ugly to ourselves and we would never speak to a friend that way!

But, I have plugged away.

I have some in person clients that I love and dote on and I hope soon to help some people with online training as well.

THIS, This, this is what my calling is.

I know it without a doubt that my God-given gift is to help people who struggle to get healthy and get in shape, to give them the confidence to do the hard things and to be their cheerleader.

All, my struggles in my fitness journey have shaped me to this point, they’ve helped me be compassionate and understanding and made me the teacher and trainer I am today.

Have you had a wild fitness journey in your life? Did you start it because you had a health scare or you just needed help losing weight?

I would LOVE to hear your fitness journey story!! Please comment below and share your story with me!!