What You Need for a Fabulous Home Workout!

I am off most Tuesdays. Now that just means that I am not teaching fitness classes or personal training, but I am working all day long! It may be planning out my clients workouts or answering checkins. I will probably be doing plenty of house work as well!!

My To-Do List

I also will usually workout from home as well! I don’t want to waste time driving, that I could be using to knock things out that need done!!

I am lucky in that we have a lot of fitness equipment here at the house but, you really don’t need that much equipment and certainly nothing fancy to get in a fabulous workout!

Dumbbells are a Must!

In order to get a fabulous workout from home you need just a few items!

  • Some Adjustable Weightsthese are often available at Walmart or Target for a reasonable price or FB Marketplace or just a couple different weight dumbbells!
  • A Set of Exercise bands- I prefer the ones with handles but most any will do . Also varying strengths are good to have
  • A Kettlebell or two- Again you can pick these up at a Walmart or Target, but I have seen several on FB Marketplace for very reasonable prices!
  • A Stability Ball- there is SO much you can do with a stability ball! Ab workouts, use it as a bench, bounce on it. They are also fairly inexpensive!
  • A cute workout partner to keep you company and cheer you on-unless they are passed out!
My Workout Partner Jack!

We have all of those above and a weight machine, that allows me to add plates to adjust the weight.

Our Weight Machine! We have had it FORVER!!!
Kettlebells are good -maybe one not quite this heavy!
Workout bands!

I did an upper body workout today!

  • Chest Press 3×8
  • Incline Chest Press 3×10
  • Overhead Press 3×8
  • Neutral Grip Rows 3×10
  • Lateral raises 3×8
  • Y Cable Raise 3×10
  • Band Pull Aparts 3×10

This was a lower repetition workout as I’m doing a reloading week before I up my workout intensity for the next 3 weeks! I kept my weight medium to heavy since the reps were lower. Women tend to have less upper body strength but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw some weight around!

I had a great workout today and I am thankful I have some equipment to use! What fitness equipment do you have at your home? Do you have a cute workout partner? Do you have a favorite home workout?