What Does the Bible Say About How We Should Eat?

My last post was about Clean Eating. As well as what it was and how to eat clean.

I also discussed what the definition was, “The definition of Clean Eating is eating food as close to its natural state as possible. As well as-if it grew in the ground or on a tree, swims, flys or had a mother then you can eat it!”.

This a very healthy and well rounded way of eating! You don’t cut out any food groups, you get plenty of variety and you should get plenty of vitamins and minerals that your body needs .

So, in this post I am going to build upon Clean Eating and go a little deeper by looking at what the Bible says about how we should eat or Eating God’s Way!

Eating Rules in the Bible-

If you read through the Old Testament especially the first 5 books of the Bible you will find many food laws. From what you can and cannot eat, to how to prepare different foods, butchering meat and so on! There is a lot of information!

It can be a bit overwhelming especially if you go reading through all the laws there are about foods! It is hard to sort out what exactly you should do! There are several good resources, books and websites.

There are several “Christian” based diets out there that center around specific verses in Genesis and even follow Jewish Kosher guidelines. The Makers Diet, the Daniel Diet or Daniel Fast and the Hallelujah Diet are the ones I am most familiar with, that focus specifically on verses in the Bible that pertain to food.

The Makers Diet:

Some of the basics of the the Makers Diet are found in the Old Testament. It is fairly flexible in that you have a lot of foods to choose from, along with some notable ones that you cannot eat! Pretty much all fruits and vegetables, some nuts, nut butters and legumes, dairy, fats from coconuts, olive oil and real butter. Sweeteners are prohibited except for raw honey. Meat is where there are some specifics. You can eat “Clean” meats such as some cuts of beef, lamb, buffalo, venison and goats. Chicken is allowed as well. Pork is NOT allowed. (Which here in the South would seem to be ungodly).Fish that have fins and scales are allowed but shellfish are not. Both pork and shellfish are considered bottom feeders. Meaning they eat the refuse that settles either in the dirt(Pork) or the bottom of the sea(Shellfish).

The Daniel Diet or Daniel Fast-

This diet is based upon the book of Daniel in the diet. It pertains to the time Daniel and his friends were in captivity. They were some of the kings advisors at this time and they request to be fed only vegetables and fruit, even though the king had put in a rule that they be fed the richest and best food in the kingdom. Most of these foods went against the Jewish food laws that they grew up observing. Their caregiver agreed and at the end of the time Daniel and his friends ended up being healthier and their skin better looking than all the others who ate, what the King had demanded. Today’s Daniel Fast follows the same principles. You are to eat fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and vegetable fats such as olive, coconut and avocado oils. Essentially it is a vegetarian diet. There is also the Daniel Plan by Rick Warren. It is similar in that you eat a vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and vegetable fats such as olive, coconut and avocado oils. But, the biggest difference is you may eat lean meat and chicken as well as fish(and yes, shellfish). It is very similar to the “Eat Clean” diet.

The Hallelujah Diet-

The Hallelujah Diet is based on a verse in Genesis 1:29, “Then God said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” This diet primarily focuses on vegetables, fruit, grains and vegetable fats. It does not allow for any added sweeteners except for stevia, date sugar and dates. You are also urged to make fresh juices. It is not a raw diet but encourages you to eat as close to natural as possible. It is also a vegetarian diet.

Take Aways-

If you have a hard time just eating a vegetarian diet than the Daniel Fast and Hallelujah Diet are going to be hard for you. The Daniel Fast book suggests doing the fast(which again is primarily vegetarian) for 21 days which to me I could do. The Makers Diet is a well rounded diet with a few foods cut out. It would be worth exploring especially if you are having some health issues. This diet primarily follows the Kosher Laws that are listed in the Bible and overall is a healthy diet.

As you consider how and what you should eat-take time to pray about it. Ask God what specifically He would have you do. God is concerned with the small stuff that we have in our lives. He wants us to come to Him and ask for guidance about everything!

Would you consider one of these diets?

Do you feel God is leading you to change how you are eating and maybe even to follow some these diets?

Is God calling you to surrender to Him in all aspects of your life?

Comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!!