One of the Best Tools to Help You Lose Weight!

Do you use a food log?

I have used a food log off and on for a very long time! I personally have found it to be beneficial for me to use one!

It helps me to see my overall eating and to make sure I am eating enough and that I’m not eating too much of the wrong things!

So, today, we are going to be looking at the benefits and the disadvantages of using a food log!

I will also be giving you some suggestions of apps, websites and a paper food log for you old school peeps!


There are so many benefits to using a food log, especially when you first start trying to lose weight!

It not only helps you stay accountable but it also can make you aware of how much or how little you’re eating!

Keeping a food log can reveal eating patterns to you! Perhaps you’re a stress eater and if you log your food in, it can help you relate that eating pattern back to that time that you’re extremely stressed!

Or if your weight has stalled, you can go back and see if you were eating too much, not enough or just junk food!

Using a food log a lot of times will encourage you to make better food choices! Since you’re writing it down and you have to account for that food-whether its just for you to see, your coach or a nutritionist, it’s going to be seen and you usually want to make better choices!

A food log can also help you make sure that you were not getting any nutritional deficiencies! One example is if you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables,you’re obviously not going to get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. You can go back and check over the day or week and see how many vegetables you’re eating in your meals! Or whatever type of food you need to eat more or less of!

It also is a great way to track your water intake, as well as, your exercise. A lot of apps have those options and if you use a paper one you definitely can write it down!

Cautions of Using a Food Log-

If you are someone who is dealing with an eating disorder, or has suffered from one in the past, a food log might not be a good option for you! It all depends on where you are in your journey of healing and if you’re seeing a professional for counseling or recovery. They may already have you using some type of journal. Consult with your doctor or nutritionist first before using one!

Other cautions for using a food log, might be if you are very legalistic or rigid. Sometimes it can just be too much and it becomes an obsession. If you feel you lean towards that type of behavior again consult with a doctor, a nutritionist or a counselor first! Remember they are just a helpful tool and not indication of who you are as a person!

Different Resources-


There are several really great food log apps you can download to use!!

You can download all of these for free on iTunes but, there usually are upgrades you can pay for of these!

My Fitness Pal

Lose It Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter-My Net Diary

These count calories and macros as well-

My Macros

MacroTrak Macro Tracker

My Plate Calorie Counter

Macro Tracer


There are also many websites that offer food logs as well!

My Fitness Pal

Lose It!

Spark People


My Food Diary

Paper Food Logs

I researched several and there really are just too many to list!!!

I found several on Amazon as well as Etsy.

The main thing to look for in a food log is there to be a place to write down what you ate, your water intake and a place for calories, Carbs, Protein and Fats if you keep track of those things!

I also have a printable one I will post if you’d like to print it out!

You Decide

Using a food log can be very beneficial! It can be one of the most useful tools in your weightloss journey if used properly! Today you have so many options on which kind of format you choose to use! Do you think you would benefit from using a food log?

Which format do you think you would use? App? Website? Or Paper?

Do you count calories, macros or just like to keep track of the foods you eat?

Let me know your thoughts and if you use a food log, especially if its one different than the ones I listed!

I’d also love to know how you track your food intake!!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all!


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