Vision Boards- What’s the Hype?

Yesterday we talked about setting goals!

One of the first steps to setting goals, is well- knowing first, what your goals, dreams and hopes might be!

This is where a vision board comes in!

Getting Ready to Make a Vision Board-

When you start getting ready to set up a vision board, you first need to know what you want to put on there.

I typically start with goals, dreams and desires.

Next, I will write these down.

Then, I divide the goals, dreams and desires into different categories.

Also, decide what type of theme you want-clean and crisp, decorative, crafty or what ever you can think of!

Start collecting magazines, websites and etc.

Just What is a Vision Board?

A Vision board can be a collage of images, pictures, phrases that affirm your dreams, goals and desires.

The thought is, that the law of attraction that helps you to attain these goals.

I think it is also having your vision board in a prominent place where it will serve as a daily reminder of what you are working towards each day!

This is mine from this past New Years!
Simple Version
More Free Form

How to Make a Vision Board

A Vision board can either be a physical board you hang in your room, or it could even be a picture that you keep on your phone or computer.

Paper Version. Typically you start with a blank slate of a larger piece of foam board.

I personally like a black colored one! It just looks crisper and makes the pictures stand out more!

But really any will work!

Next you will want to cut out pictures whether from a magazine or printed from your computer.

Also, you can print off sayings, Bible verses, phrases or whatever appeals to you!

You then need to lay out your items and figure out what looks best to you.

You may want to divide your board up into sections-like work goals, personal goals, fitness and health goals as well as Spiritual goals.

Next, I then will glue or double stick tape my items down.

Then add stickers, doodles or whatever makes it personal to you!

Digital Version. A Vision board can also be done of your phone or computer using the Canva, Vintage Logo, Poster Maker or any picture collage app!

You will do the same thing and collect pictures, phrases, quotes, bible verses or whatever you want to decorate your vision board with. You can look for websites and etc for these.

Just a few Ideas for Supplies but they are limitless!

Different types of Vision Boards-

You do not have to do a Vision board for all your goals, dreams and desires!

You may want to just do one for say fitness or weightloss. You could also do one for your business or planning a big trip!

This is why you should sit down and write out what you want to accomplish! It helps you to narrow down exactly what to put on the board!

It also may help you figure out exactly what you want to work towards!


Dream a Little Dream-

Why not take a huge leap and create a Vision board?

I think a lot of times we can talk ourselves out of what we really want to achieve in life.

Dreams can be scary and life can ugly, but sometimes-

You Just Have to Do It Scared.

But it is nice to have a roadmap to help you keep focused on the direction you need to go!

Have you ever done a Vision board?

If not would you be interested in coming to a class that would teach you how to?

If so comment below and let me know!

Y’all take care!


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