My Top 15 Gym Etiquette Rules!

So, in life there are many “unwritten” rules for various places, right?

Here are a few-

*don’t go to the dentist after you’ve just eaten garlic or onion(ewwww).

*don’t pick your nose, or blow your nose at the table.

*if you live in the south its expected to say, “yes ma’m, yes, sir, Please and thank you”

But, did you know there are unwritten gym etiquette rules?

Yep, indeed there are!

It doesn’t matter how big or small the gym is, some things are, well, taboo!

Here are a Few of My Favorites:

1.Wipe down the equipment you use! Yes, that bench and the weights!

2.Put your equipment back! That’s handles, attachments, bars, clips-whatever!

3.Remember there are bubbles-give others some space! Don’t get right on top of people!

4.Don’t block someone’s view of the mirror or walk right in front of them(their line of sight)while they are lifting!

5.Don’t drop or slam weights-free weights or machines.

6.Be polite and ask if someone is using a piece of equipment(like a bench or weights), if someone is near.

7.Don’t give random, unsolicited advice- which is especially hard when you are a trainer. Strike up a conversation instead and ask about what they are doing.

8.Grunting, puffing and say certain words-a little is well, ok. But hollering, yelling and putting on a show-save that for the meathead gym!

9.Wear deodorant……..PLEASE!

10. Ladies, bend over before you walk out of the house-are your pants sheer? Do your boobs hang out of your shirt? Please, just please.

11.Don’t hold a phone conversation while working out. A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G!!

12. Wear the right shoes, none of those sort of sandals, sort of tennis shoes.

13. Please don’t sing and just know your boogying, may make a YouTube video! (LOL).

14. Please don’t congregate-you know the 3-4 people that talk, take selfies and hover around. There’s a lobby for that!

15. If you are practice karate, Kung foo, whatever, I will stop and stare at you-there are places to do that-not the gym floor!

The Main Points-

Be Courteous!

Do to others as you would hope they would do to you!

Don’t slam weights-Please!!

Return your equipment!

If you do something nuts-well-you might end up on YouTube!

Wear Deodorant!!

What Would You Add?

What are your non-negotiables at the gym?

What would you add?

It’s amazing to me what people do out in public!

Aren’t people funny?

I’m off so go see what shenanigans are going on at my gym!

I can’t wait!



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