Online Personal Training-Is It for You?

I am currently gearing up to launch the Essential Fitness Online Personal Training program and I am SO excited! I have used online training for many years(before I became a personal trainer) and I loved it!

Online personal training can be a great option for some women. It is usually more affordable. It also can be done around your schedule and you will not have to schedule a session that is convenient for you and the trainer! Most of time an online program can be done at home or in the gym!

But, it’s not for everyone….

There are some things that make you a candidate for Online Personal Training.


There really are some traits that make you successful with an online program!

1. Are you Self Motivated? In most programs you do have a checkin(or at least my program will require it) with your PT or Coach, either by email or by Skype or Zoom. So, knowing that you have to report to them can make you more motivated. But you still have to be the one to schedule the time and do the work!

2. How Committed are you? Your success is determined by your commitment. You have to be committed to do the workouts, to eat the diet suggested and do the cardio. Your online personal trainer is there to guide, direct and help you but they cannot make you do the work!

3. Can you make yourself a Priority? You will need make yourself the priority for at least an hour, 3-5 times a week. I know from experience that making the time to workout doesn’t hurt your kids, your hubby, your job or the laundry. In fact, you will have more energy to care for them and be setting a great example for your kids. All of my adult kids workout and i really think its because they watched me do it when they were young. I also included them in exercise often!

4. Do you have Patience? This is a matter whether you do online or in person training. We didn’t get out of shape overnight and we won’t get in shape overnight! Give yourself some grace and time! The body needs time to adjust to exercise and weightloss. Don’t get frustrated with slow progress. When you gain muscle slowly or lose weight slowly the results are more likely to stick! Be Patient!

Are You Ready?

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I ready to change?

Am I self motivated?

Am I ready to make a commitment?

Am I ready to make myself a priority?

Am I ready to do what it takes to get healthy?

Am I ready to change my mindset and negative self talk?

Am I ready to do the work?

Do I need a program that I can fit into my schedule and around my family and commitments?

Am I ready to be successful?(sometimes success is scary!)

If you can answer yes to most of these, then you should look into online personal training! Whether its mine or someone else’s!

For More Information-

You can look on my website amyskaggs.com under personal training or you can contact me at fithoppy@yahoo.com or by cell or text 919-457-2312.

I will be happy to help you figure out if my Essential Fitness Online Personal Training is for you!

If I realize I am not a good fit for you I will be happy to refer you to a couple online programs I trust!

I look forward to helping you!



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