Walk this Way…5 Reasons to Walk!

Ok, so I am not talking about the Aerosmith song!!!

But I am talking about walking for exercise!

Walking happens to be one of my favorite exercises!

It has so many benefits but I want to share my 5 top reasons you should walk most every day!

Our Local Walking Trail In Zebulon, NC

5 Reasons You Should Walk

1. It’s Free-

You do not have to pay for a gym membership(unless you love the atmosphere or live in extremely cold regions) and it really can be most anywhere! You can also check out your local community centers and parks and rec departments to check out about walking areas. The Zebulon Community Center where I work has free walking Monday through Friday. It’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Also it is staffed and a safe environment. So check about your local community centers! Check out your local town or city parks! Many have designated walking areas! No excuses!

2. It’s Good for Your Mind-

I find I do my best thinking and reasoning while I am walking! I also like to pray while I am walking. It seems that walking helps me to reason and focus on problems better. It is rhythmical and very calming to the heart rate and breathing. Walking can be very meditative! I will often do what I jokingly call contemplative walking! I walk, breathe and think! But I am so relaxed and so energized at the same time afterwards!

Beautiful Trees on the Trail!

3. It’s Good for Your Body-

Walking is a weight bearing exercise! Studies show women heading into perimenopause and menopause need to do weight bearing exercise 3-5 times a week and weight bearing exercise can help with your bone density! It also can help strengthen your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons! It is also much gentler on the body than running. Not only is it good for your bones, muscles and etc, but also it is fabulous for your cardiovascular health! Your lungs and heart get a great workout! Walking also can help you lose weight and reduce your stress level which in turn reduces your cortisol levels! Cortisol can help you gain that fluff in the middle!

4. It’s a Workout Most Any One Can Do-

You don’t have to be in great shape and you don’t have to gradually build up to it, like running! Just get out there and start walking! All you really need is a good pair of shoes, comfy clothes and a safe place to walk! It really is the one size fits all exercise!

Off the Beaten Path!

5.It’s a great Way to Bond with Family, Friends and Your Furry Pals-

Walking gives you time to talk with those you enjoy spending time with! My pups and I have great conversations when we walk! When I walk with the hubs, it gives us time to catch up on conversations we just don’t have time for! It’s the same when I walk with my friends! Walking is just a great way to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company! So grab a friend and go for that walk!

My Puppers! The Best Walking Partners!

How About You?

Do you walk on a regular basis?

How many times a week do you walk?

How long do you walk each session?

Who do you like to walk with?

Where is your favorite place to walk?

Let me know your answers! I’d love to hear from you!



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