These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…..October!!

Here we are!!

Back to my Favorite Things post for October!!

I do love to share my favorite products with my friends, clients and family!

Last month I did my new favorite protein drink and my new favorite workout undies!!

This month I’m sharing some of my favorites that I’ve had for a while!

They are just too good NOT to share!!

PS-I do not get any kickbacks form these products and companies!! I just love them!!

My Favorite Makeup!

I have been wearing Aloette make up for about a year now!

It has become my absolute favorite! It is easy to apply and doesn’t clog your pores! It also doesn’t leave that horrible line on your chin!!

They also have great eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks and a full skin care line!!

Definitely check them out!! I also have a great representative-Shauna that I would love to introduce you to!!


My Favorite Muscle Work Tool!

I can not live with out my Ashley Black Fascia Blaster!!! I own two of them a larger one and a smaller one!!

It has many uses- such as cosmetic and physical! I use it mainly for muscle and joint work. I am currently dealing with a shoulder issue and this really helps!

There is a technique to it though and it is important to study and do as the company suggests! There are great informational videos on YouTube and groups on Facebook you can join!

If you suffer with muscle and joint issues you should check them out! They always have sales at different times of the year!


My Local Chiropractor!!

Ok, so if you are not local-I am sorry! but do check out if you have a local chiropractor like mine!!!

My chiropractor is Dr. Jessica Fay, Oak City Chiropractic, located in Raleigh, NC.

She does all the regular chiropractic practices but she also does ART-Active Relieve Technique! It works the ligaments, tendons and muscles! It hurts like the dickens while you have it done but you get relief the next day! My whole family has seen her for years and we wouldn’t go to anyone else! She also added another Chiropractor (who also practices ART!)to the practice so you can always be seen!

If you are not local to Raleigh, then look for an ART practicing Chiropractor in your area!!

oakcitychiro.com or 919-213-0881

Until Next Time-

Let me know what you think of these favorite things of mine!!

I would love to hear your experiences and what you like about them!

Also, if you’d like more info let me know!! I’ll be glad to share with you!!

Talk to you all soon!



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