Iron Sharpens Iron: Why You Should Have a Workout Partner!

Do you have a workout partner?

If, not you might be missing out on a valuable asset for your workouts!

I have had a privilege to have a workout partner in the past! She is now faithfully watching her grandson and gets to workout with me occasionally! I am fine to workout on my own but it is nice to have company!

The Benefits of a Workout Partner-

The benefits of having a workout partner are numerous!

~They can spot you if you are lifting heavy!

~They can serve as an encourager!

~Sometimes its easier to go do something new if you have a partner!

~They can hold you accountable! Often I get this from my clients-if they know I’m going to be there they show up!

~They can watch your form and help correct it, so you don’t get hurt!

~Your workouts will be more fun!

~Sometimes a little competition pushes you to workout harder!

~They may know things you don’t that will not only keep you safer but also may be more beneficial to your goals!

~They can help you not take yourself too serious!

Your workout partner can help you make gains and achieve your goals quicker!

A recent study showed that having a workout partner could increase your workout time and intensity by as much as 200%! That’s an awesome statistic!! I also believe this is 100% true! I have seen more progress when I’ve had a workout partner!

What You Should Look for in a Workout Partner-

So we now know the benefits of a workout partner! But what should you look for in a workout partner? This is something to think seriously about! You are forming a relationship that hopefully will beneficial for both parties! Here a few things to consider when looking for a workout partner:

~You Like Them- I know this is a no brainer but don’t just pick someone because they workout like you do. You will be spending some time with this person!

~Have Similar Personalities- If you are super serious and they are more free spirited you might clash! You could make great friends but possibly not workout partners!

~A Good Attitude- Find some one who is positive and friendly. They should also be respectful of your time and be dependable(especially when spotting you!).

~Compatible Motivation Styles- If you like someone who is a drill Sargent and they need a perky cheerleader, your workout relationship may not be comparable! Make sure you have similar motivation styles!

~Have Similar Goals- Having similar goals will make your workouts easier-you both will be working towards the same thing. It also helps if they are as committed as you. You both need to be able to call the other one out when you try to excuse yourself out of a workout!

~Have a Similar Fitness Level-Don’t choose someone who much less fit or active than you. It could be discouraging and frustrating to them. A small discrepancy between your fitness levels can often be a good thing. It will give the less fit person something to work towards and the more fit partner knows that they have someone counting on them!

~Have Similar Schedules- Again, another no brainer. YOU have to both be available at the same time!

One big thing to remember when getting a workout partner:

**Be the workout partner you want them to be!**

Have you ever had a workout partner?

Where did you meet?

We’re you friends beforehand?

What do you like best about your workout partner?

Let me know what you think!

Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

Until later! Happy Workouts!



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