9 Things You Need to Do to be Happy and Fit

It seems today that we are seeing an overwhelming amount of people who are dealing with depression and anxiety each and every day! It just sucks their happiness away!

There are numerous advertisements for drugs to treat depression and anxiety- that may or may not help.

I often wonder if so many people are dealing with those because we are too connected. Almost everyone you know has a cell phone, computer and a tablet, as well as a tv in just about every room!

Now don’t get upset with me! I know there are physical and emotional reasons that we have anxiety and depression. I suffer from depression off and on and know it is due to hormones and emotional stress. So, I get it.

-First let’s discuss what happiness is-the feeling or showing pleasure or contentment, satisfied.

-Happiness is external-meaning what we do or have done for us causes happiness.

-Joy on the other hand is internal. As a Christian I have joy because of my relationship with Christ. It is a deep feeling of contentment.

What Can We Do to Be More Happy and Fit?

There are 9 things I’ve found that help me be more happy and fit! They are easy things that anyone can do.

These are not a cure all, but if you struggle with anxiety and depression, as well as just being unhappy these can aide in your recovery.

1. Have a Regular Bedtime-

So this is one of the biggest I struggle with! I am a night owl, so its hard to not stay up!

But getting yourself to go to bed at a regular time is crucial! You need your sleep! It helps the brain to rest and the body to recover, it helps your immune system and your mood!

Our bodies crave routine.

Make a point to get to bed at a regular time every day!

2.Deal with Emotions in a Healthy Way-

I find that most people either stuff their emotions or they have explosive anger. Neither is super healthy!

You need to find a way to deal with emotions that suit you. I have close friends that I can discuss things with, but other times I just need to write things down or pray.

Journaling, praying, talking to a trusted friend or seeing a counselor are all great ways to get emotions out. Often that’s all we need is to get the emotions out and someone to listen-not try to fix or change-just listen!

Learn to express yourself in a healthy way!

3.Try to Cut back on Sugar-

Sugar is addictive! There has been studies that show it is as addictive as many drugs.

Too much sugar can cause many health ailments, cause inflammation in the body and help you gain weight. All of these can make you unhappy and unfit!

It’s hard to go cold turkey with sugar, so try to make small changes at first-opt for stevia I stream of sugar in your coffee, teach yourself to like water, don’t buy cookies and sweets, get fruit instead, and make healthier breakfast choices!

Eventually you start to lose your sweet tooth!

Have an occasional treat, but don’t make it a daily endeavor!

4.Take a Break-

Learn to stop for a minute.

This may be taking time to pray, sit in the sunshine for 10 minutes, or just sitting still and focusing on your breath!

Start a gratitude journal and take time every day to write 5 things you are thankful for!

Taking time top appreciate life and the small moments will build happiness!

5. Find an Exercise You Enjoy-

There was a point in my life, I felt that I should take up running(ok so more like a very slow jog-but I tried!). I did several 5k’s and I HATED every second of it! I kept waiting for that runners high I had heard about.


But, I really enjoy weight lifting. It makes me happy! I found my thing!

So, just because your hubby likes to run, or something is all the rage, doesn’t mean you have to do it!

But the main thing is exercise is good for you. It helps with the, “Happy”. It helps the body produce endorphins that aide in a good mood!

Find an exercise you can enjoy and brings you happiness. You will be more willing to do it!

6. Take a Break from Your Phone-

Find time everyday to just set your phone down.

Again, because we are so connected, it can just overwhelm our minds and our bodies.

It keeps us from being present with our families and friends.

Recently, my youngest son got married. I decided to stay off my phone and truly be present! We had photographers and other people were videoing it, I didn’t need to have my phone!

In fact, there were a few times I didn’t even know where it was! The horror, right???

But, you what? I enjoyed every second of it! I remember more of it and just feel very fulfilled!

Take some time every day to disconnect, to be with those around you and just have conversations with another person-in person!

7.Stop Worrying-

There’s a Bible verse that to me speaks volumes about worry!

Matthew 6:27(NIV)

“Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

What exactly can worry fix? Does it change the future? Can you actually change what is happening by worrying? Does it suddenly stop just because you worry about it?

The funny thing about worry is, usually whatever you are worrying about doesn’t ever happen.

Try to maintain perspective when worry hits, try to consider what is likely to happen.

The biggest thing is when worry hits, God knows the future and He is more than able to help us through the rough times! It’s called trust!

8. Cook Your Own Food-

If you cook your own meals, you can control what goes into your meals! How much sugar, additives and whether it is healthy or not!

Cooking meals is also very therapeutic! It’s also creative. It is also kinda physical! Try making bread sometime! It can take some doing! All of these things can make you more happy as well as more fit!

A well balanced diet can help you feel better too!

9. Drink More Water-

Water can help you feel fuller and keep you from running to the vending machine. It also can help you to not drink sugary sodas(see #3).

Often if you are dehydrated, you will get a headache, cramps, dry itchy skin as well as just be hot! I don’t know about you but all those things make me cranky and very unhappy! Plus if you’re crampy you cant exercise as well either!

Shoot for either 64 ounces a day or half your body weight!

You will feel so much better!

But Remember-

Bad days will happen.

You won’t be happy every day.

You will have bad moods.

But those don’t make a bad life.

It is the sum of your days that make up your life.

So make the most of that equation!

Do the things that aide in your happiness!

Which of these do you struggle with the most?

Do you feel you are overall happy?

What can you do today to make yourself more happy?

Comment below and let me know!

Have a happy and fit day!



1 thought on “9 Things You Need to Do to be Happy and Fit”

  1. YES YES YES! I agree with all of this! I definitely need to work on a routine bedtime though. If I could I would definitely stay up all hours of the night gaming or watching shows on Netflix.


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