My Favorite Things for November!!!

It’s that time again!!!

My monthly Favorite Things post!!

I struggled this month with finding something because I really hadn’t tried anything new!

But then I got to thinking there are several things that are staples in my life that I just wouldn’t want to live with out!

I decided if I can’t live without them, you might not be able to either once you tried them!!

Avia High Waisted Capri Leggings-

I absolutely LOVE these exercise pants! I will buy a pair almost every time I come across them!

I love the fact that you don’t show your hind end every time you bend over, they also, well…… don’t accentuate your muffin top! They actually hit at your natural waistline.

They fit well, they don’t sag and do not ride up! They are very sporty looking and are just flattering overall! I have seen them in dark gray and black(I also own these colors!!). I think they make them in a longer length but I love the capri length!

At this time I believe I own 4 pairs! You can bet if I find another pair I will buy them in a heart beat!

I have bought all of mine at Walmart! They have them in the fitness section of the ladies clothes.

They are priced at $12.96 a pair!

I guarantee if you try them you will love them as well!

Pure Protein Bars-

Oh my goodness!!

Let me tell you what-I LOVE these protein bars!

Have you ever picked up a protein bar and you’re so excited to eat it, you open up the wrapper, take a whiff, it smells fab, you then take a bite aaaannnndddd- YUCK!

Either the texture is disgusting or the taste is horrible! I have eaten way too many terrible protein bars!

I tried Pure Protein bars a while ago and haven’t found a flavor at dislike yet! They have a variety flavors from chocolate to fruit flavors and even birthday cake and red velvet!

My recent favorite is the Lemon! Oh my!! It is so good!

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty about the bars!

Most have 19-21 grams of protein, 18-20 grams of carbohydrate and most are around 5 grams of fat.

They cost around $6.98 for a box of 6 (I have bought them at Walmart, Target and Foodlion for about the same price!) I know some of my clients have bought a bigger box at their Costco!

It is very balanced and they are very satisfying! They are not so big that you feel full after eating them! I often will eat them between clients and they just satisfy your hunger!

Give them a try!

I don’t think you will be disappointed!

What Do You Think?

Have your tried either of these?

Do any of you own the longer version of the Avia High Waisted Leggings? What do you think of them?

Have you tried the Pure Protein Protein Bars?

What are your favorite flavors?

Feel free to comment below!

I would love to hear from you!


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