How to Enjoy All the Holiday Food!

Yes! It is possible to enjoy all of your favorite holiday foods this coming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons!

How in the world you ask???

Well- let’s explore some options!

Option One: Halving Your Portions-

Many years ago I tried a popular diet, called the Weigh Down Diet!

The premise behind it was good! But overall it is a diet that I wouldn’t suggest you doing all the time! Unless you’re just one of those people who is really good at pushing yourself to eat healthy foods! So, that you can get the proper amount of protein, vitamins and minerals!

The Weigh Down Diet suggests that you cut your food in half-every portion that you get or take half of what you would normally take! So if you get a hamburger you cut it in half and eat that half,save the other for later! Again like I said you have to be really on top of yourself to make sure that you eat the proper amount of healthy foods!

So this would work great for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner!

You could look at your plate, decide what you want, take half of what you want and enjoy every bite!

Even dessert!

The thing to remember is that it is one meal out of at the least 28 for 7 days(3 meals and a snack!).

One meal is not going to make or break you!

Option Two:Consider It a Cheat Meal-

I try to once a week have a cheat meal!

So that means that at least 26 to 27 meals out of the week I am eating healthy balanced meals. Lots of fruits, veggies and lean proteins, as well as, some healthy starches!

I keep my macros about the same for all of those meals, but, for that one meal I can have whatever I want!

Some people call this a diet break, some people call it a re-feed but I call it my cheat meal!

I usually eat a food that I love and dessert! I feel no guilt over this. It is planned and allotted for! 

So, for your Thanksgiving and Christmas meal – singular – eat healthy the week before and the week after! Enjoy the food that you love and have some dessert! Then get right back to eating healthy and exercising!

Life is more than what you do in the gym and what you put in your mouth!

 If you tell yourself you can never have a piece of your grandma’s pumpkin pie guess what you’re going to over eat – you got-it your grandma’s pumpkin pie!

The same thing goes for the special meals as well as the parties you go to!

Allow yourself that one meal, one time a week to enjoy whatever it is you’re going to have!

It’s good for you mentally, it’s good for you physically and it’s also good for you emotionally!

It helps you to keep food in the proper perspective!

Option Three: A Couple of Bites

The best way to deal with the holiday meals and parties is to have a plan! To decide before you go to one whether or not you are going to splurge and that be your cheat meal or are you going to half it and enjoy a smaller amount.

But one last way that I have dealt with food at holiday parties or church functions with unhealthy food is to eat a healthy meal beforehand and just maybe have a few bites of something! That way you don’t insult anyone by not trying their cheeseball or having a taste of someone’s family recipe cookies!

I will take a bite or two and be done! That doesn’t break my diet and it doesn’t insult the host!

You can also always explain that you had a late lunch or dinner just before and that you’re not super hungry!!

The holidays, birthday parties, weddings and special events don’t have to totally wreck your diet plan and healthy eating!

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to plan accordingly! Don’t go into a situation without first knowing exactly how you want to deal with the food that will be there!

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

I would love to hear if you have any other ideas of how to deal with the upcoming holiday meals!!

Feel free to comment below with your ideas of how to eat healthier this holiday season!

Until next time-

XOXO – Amy

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