Some of My Favorite Things December Ed.

This month my Favorite Things blog post has some very practical items!!

These are things I use on a daily basis!

They both are available at your local Walmart or you can order online, I am sure!

Favorite Things #1-

Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics 

Since I workout or teach most everyday, I wear my hair up a lot! My hair is long so, I need comfortable hair ties that won’t tangle or break my hair but will also hold this mane in place!

I am currently trying to grow my hair out a bit, so its getting longer and longer. It also is very thick and can give me headaches if it is too tight!

As you can see my hair is super thick!!

I find that these hair ties do just the trick!

They are the perfect balance of hold and tightness. There is no exposed rubber band that can grab and break your hair!

They come in a ton of colors!

I have some that are black and then I have a set that has several colors(hot pink, orange, brown, yellow I believe!)

I think they would also be good for little ones hair as they would hold but not be too tight!

They are also fairly inexpensive and tend to be harder to lose than your average hair tie!!

If you have longer hair, give these a try! You will not be disappointed!

Favorite Things #2-

My second favorite thing for this month is my 64oz TAL Metal Waterbottle!

This is a serious water bottle! It has a days worth of water in it!

It is big, but it is also easy to carry! As it has a nice loop handle.

I have found that it keeps the water at the exact temperature you put in it! I once put cold water in my bottle and left it in my Jeep during the heat of the summer. When I went to drink it the next day, it was still cold!

It also is metal inside, so if you use essential oils or lemon in your water it will not mess up the lining!

I find that if I fill it up in the morning, take it with me wherever I go-I will drink my water! It’s kind of too big to forget!

It is affordable for such a nice water bottle. It runs around $20 at your local Walmart. There are several colors!

If you are a water drinker or you need help in drinking more water this would be a great bottle to use!

Give it a try as well!

Have you tried either of these products?

If so, what do you think of them?

Both of these would make a great Christmas present!

Until next time-


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