I’m Setting my 2020 Goals!(and Challenge!)

Every year about this time I turn my thoughts to the coming year!

If you haven’t caught on yet I love to set goals and think about the future!!

This year I have actually been a little behind in setting my plan up and working on my vision board! It seems like everyday I have too many things on my list to get done! Oh well, there is still time to make plans!

It’s funny because as much as I like to plan there definite things I procrastinate at! Christmas shopping is one I put off and put off! All I can say is thank goodness for Amazon Prime!!! Now I do have a written list and mental list but just haven’t put them into action yet!

Deciding Your Goals-

I divide up my goals in to Personal, Physical and Business goals.

Personal entails Spiritual goals(like reading my Bible everyday, praying etc), relationships(family, friends etc), emotional(healing, dealing with stress, controlling better), and anything that I feel I’d like to accomplish personally.

Physical entails workouts, do I want to gain muscle, lose weight, participate in a competition of some type, do yoga more, eat better, write down any specific diet goals(eating 5-8 veggies a day, eat paleo, eat less wheat etc), it could even be get 7 hours of sleep a night! There is always something to accomplish physically!

Business(Work) goals entail anything relating to your work or business! It could be you’d like to get a raise, gain so many number customers/clients, make so much a week/month, grow a business, start a business and a 100 other things!

When thinking about your goals you may only have personal goals. There really is no wrong or right!Goals are very personal and I doubt any 2 people ever have the same goals!

Write them Down-

So there are several ways to write these goals down!

You can do daily and weekly goals, monthly, 3 and 6 month goals as well as one year!

I start with some yearly goals, then break them down into 6 month goals, then 3 month and then 1 month goals. The thought is to break them down into achievable goals! You often can not accomplish your biggest goal in one sitting!

I will take a piece of paper and just brain dump everything I’d like to achieve. Then I pick 5-8 things I’d really like to do that will take time-I white those down on another piece of paper. Next I take those and break down each into the steps I need to accomplish. Then if needed I break them down into even smaller steps.

From there I can start to see what is a one month goal, a three month goals and then 6 months and then 1 year.

I make a list and then I place it near my desk where I can see it all the time!


I then take my goals that I have a list of and I translate them visually onto a Vision Board.

I collect pictures, sayings, bible verses and anything else that applies to my goals. I then divide my Vision Board into my 3(or whatever number you had) sections. I like to label them but its totally up to you!

I then glue or tape down my pictures, sayings and etc on a foam board and decorate it however it suits me.

I like to place my board in a place where I see it every day!

Take Action-

It’s all good and well to write down goals and make a vision board but you have to take action for the things you write down.

If needed break those monthly goals down even further into weekly and daily goals.

Small steps are still steps forward!

Take five minutes every morning and look at your vision board, read over your goals and get inspired!

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Live each day on purpose!!!

A Few of My Goals-

I have a few things that I am working on and I am so excited!!

I am working hard on gaining some strength and want to set some personal records weight lifting-wise.

I want to get some more personal training clients! I LOVE my job and love helping others!

I want to grow my website and my offerings there!

Losing some weight wouldn’t be bad either!

I want to learn to deal with frustrations, worries and things I can’t control!

I do not want to get stuck in a rut like I often do!

I have a ton more that I want to achieve this year!

Get Excited!!

A new year is coming!

New experiences, new opportunities and new achievements!

What are some of your goals?

What do you want to have different this time next year?

What is one thing you can change this year?

A Challenge-

Be brave and leave a comment with three of your goals for this coming year!!!



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