How to Stay Committed to Your New Years Goals!

How so we stay committed to our New Years Goals?

This is probably harder than actually making New Year Goals!

We all have good intentions and often want to achieve things but well….

Life happens.

We then get side tracked and discouraged. We then end up saying, I’ll do it next week, I’ll do it next month and then that becomes I’ll do it next year.

It’s easy to become disappointed with ourselves and just get in this ugly cycle of putting off our dreams, hopes and even our health.

Every time we place these resolutions or goals on the back burner it gets easier to stop moving forward. It gets easier to get complacent. It gets easier to accept failure. We then start to give up on ourselves.

How do we stop this ugly cycle? How do we set goals and then work to achieve them and not get side tracked?

I am going to give you 10 steps to help you be successful this year at achieving your New Years Goals!

10 Steps to Help You Achieve Your New Years Goals-

!. Be Realistic-

Make sure the goals you set are realistic! When you set goals that are too big, the likelihood that you will achieve them is slim. If you say you will go to the gym an hour every day and you work a 10 hour workday, have a family and home responsibilities, church and outside interests an hour everyday is going to be hard. Saying I want to workout 2-3 times a week with that schedule or adding in a walk several days during your lunch time is also more achievable. If your goal is not fitness related-say saving money every month, saving half your paycheck is usually not doable either, but saving 5% of it might. Make sure the goals you set are doable with your lifestyle!

2. Make an Outline of Your Plan-

Decide some definite deadlines and dates you want to achieve your goals. This is sort of like making an outline. Be very specific. Definite plans and deadlines can keep you on track. You should also have some rewards listed in this plan as well. Some ideas would be, “if I lose 15 lbs I will go buy a new workout outfit or new shoes”, “if I save $100 the next 3 months I can go out to a movie and meal”. Rewards are very important and really make your plan worth while.

3. Plan Ahead-

Plan for pitfalls, plan for mistakes and plan for bad attitudes. Believe me,eating another salad can sometimes seem like an impossible task! Have a back up plan. Have people in place to help encourage you when you don’t want to keep working towards your goal. Have friends or family that will not only hold you accountable but will come alongside you and work on your goal with you. Being a Personal Trainer I do this a lot. Sometimes I have to encourage and sometimes I have to tell the person to get out of their own way. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Period!

4.Don’t Keep It a Secret-

Tell your significant other about your goal plans, tell your mom, your best friend, your co-workers and maybe even your kids! Kids tend to be some of the best accountability partners. They tell it like it is! If you say, “Mommy isn’t going to eat candy for a month”, and they catch you unwrapping a Hershey Kiss, don’t think they wont remind you! By telling someone it makes it “real”. Who knows perhaps they will want to join you!

5. Put Your Goals in a Prominent Place-

Have your list of goals, your goal plans or even a vision board in a place you will see it every day. This is not about it matching your decor. Seeing it every day will remind you of what you planned out! You cant escape it! I have had mine on the wall beside my bed where I see when I get up and this year I put it right on the wall in front of my desk. I can’t miss it. Also making it colorful and eye catching helps as well!

6. Make an If, Then Chart-

A pro/Con list will work as well. You might stay if I walk every day at lunch then I will feel more relaxed or if I eat 5 servings of vegetables every day I will keep my calories in check. It might also be good to do some negative ones as well. If I miss my workouts then I will be behind in my progress. You get the idea. Put value on the goals you set!

7. Track Your Progress-

That might be you buy stickers to put beside an accomplished goal, marking it out when you finish a goal. Setting short term goals are not as overwhelming. Think of each small short term goal accomplished as a step towards the top of a Lighthouse. You can’t jump to the top of one, you have to do it step by step!

8. Realize You are Going to Make Mistakes-

Don’t beat yourself up. Do the best you can. There is a reason we get a new start every day. Mistakes are also why Whiteout was invented! Take it one day at a time and keep pushing ahead!

9. Stick to It-

If you are trying to lose 30 pounds well guess what? You didn’t gain that over night and you’re not going to lose it overnight. Experts say it will take about 21 days(-although I kind of disagree, I think it takes about 2-3 months) for new activities to become a habit and about 6 months for it to become a lifestyle. The main thing is to keep moving forward and to never give up!

10. Keep Trying-

You may just have to start over again. Tell yourself you will do XYZ for the next day. You can do anything for a day. Then tell yourself you’ll do it again the next day when you get up! Each day builds on the other and suddenly you have a good habit formed! I am always telling my boys you can’t eat the whole elephant but you can bite by bite. There is a story about

It’s Not Going to be Easy……

But it will be worth it!!

Imagine 3 months form now when you have formed some new healthy habits or accomplished a goal you set for yourself!

Every goal achieved is worth the work and the hardships!

What are some of your New Years Goals?

What do you hope to achieve?

What do you think will be the hardest part?

Who can you ask to help you stay accountable?

I look forward to hearing for you all!



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