Good Changes are Coming!

I recently decided I needed to make some changes in several areas of my life.

I am odd in that I actually do like change.

I find that I get stale and complacent if I don’t change things up!

When I switch things up here and there, I tend to get bored and sloppy!

After some careful consideration, I decided to make changes physically and business wise!

Physical Changes-


I really do believe that whole, healthy foods and eating from all food groups in your daily diet are really important. I try to not jump on diet bandwagons and try the latest, greatest diet out there.


In the past I tried eating a modified Paleo diet. I had good results.

Though, I eventually went back to counting macros and eating bread and other non-paleo foods!

I struggle with fibromyalgia and it seemed that bread(even my homemade that was glycophosfate free), crackers and snacks were causing it to flare up worse and when I often ate it, I would be stiff and achy.

I also had stomach issues when I would eat breads, crackers and etc.

So here I am doing the Paleo diet again.

I modify it in that I do allow a small bit of cheese and I eat Greek yogurt as well as some quinoa.

I am feeling so much better and my body is less achy and cranky!

A great side effect was losing 5 pounds the first week!


I have started to focus more on strength in my weight workouts. I’ve always been pretty strong, but I am focusing on it more!

It is really hard but I am enjoying it tremendously!

It is totally awesome to hit PR’s(personal records)! Seriously(sorry guys), it is awesome to be lifting a weight and look over and see that I am lifting heavier than the guy beside me!!

Who knows where it might lead!

More about that in a future post!!!

Business Changes-

After much consideration, I have decided to make the Personal Training aspect of my business my sole focus.

I tried for quite a while to incorporate my Personal Training business with trying to start a doTERRA business.

Perhaps I am bad at juggling things but I just felt like I couldn’t do justice to them both!

I feel very passionate about my personal training business. I get great satisfaction in helping others achieve their fitness goals and get healthier!

To me, it was a no brainer that I wanted to throw all my energy into the personal training!

I am keeping the name Essential Fitness because I try to focus on, teach and train what I feel are the essentials of fitness- Weights(heavy and light), Cardio and Yoga & stretching

I have put myself in a Sharer position with doTERRA and will continue to support and help my oil clients however I can!

Since deciding to solely focus on the Personal Training aspect of my business, I feel like I need to change up my logo and my website a bit!

So, be on the look out for a New Logo and some changes to my website!


One other change to keep an eye out for is merchandise!!

I want to offer some fitness t-shirts and tanks, car decals and water bottles!

I love making and designing shirts so I am super excited about that!



Water Bottles-

Also, Also-

I want to incorporate some fitness challenges throughout the year!

They will give you a chance to step up your fitness level!

I will be incorporating weekly healthy eating challenges as well as some weekly fitness challenges!

I will be offering a prizes to those who accomplish all their tasks!

More on this later!

Keep an eye open for the first one towards the end of the month!

Also, Also, Also-

I will be closing my Essential Fitness group that I currently have and will be establishing an Essential Fitness Tribe group.

This will be revamped and refocused on all aspects of fitness and healthy eating! I may also incorporate some essential oil things here and there!

If you would like to be a part of this new group message me on FB I will also be putting the link for the new group on the old one for a week or so where you can join that way!


I think that’s it as far as changes for now!!!

Thank you for joining me for this wild ride!

I look so forward to more fun adventures with all of you!


2 thoughts on “Good Changes are Coming!”

  1. I totally understand how you feel trying to balance the fitness business & the d’oterra. I find that sometimes I have to put my Aloette away for a bit. I look forward to the changes and challenges! And I hope your refocusing goes smooth as silk!! One day soon I’ll be messaging you about a session or 3!! ❤️


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