Personal Training Client Spotlight!!!

I am going to be starting a new monthly segment-Client Spotlights!!

I absolutely love my clients!

They not only are my clients but most have become close, trusted friends!

My clients are as different as night and day and that keeps my work interesting!

What workout one loves, the other hates.

Their goals are varied and different, they each have their own set of emotions and hardships. Sometimes those hardships carry over to their workouts. When they’re struggling emotionally they may need to workout some anger or frustration. I may need to be their cheerleader, drill Sargent or they might just need a hug that day!

This is what makes my job worth it.

The relationships.

The realness.

The Interview-

I asked a variety of questions.

Favorites, least favorites.


My favorite saying!

The responses were so funny!

First Client Spotlight-

Julie Spriggs-

Spectacular Client Interview Questionnaire


Julie Spriggs

*Age: (not required only if you want!!):


*How long have you been training?

May 2017

*What spurred you to start training?

I wanted to learn how to powerlift and get strong!

*Why did you feel using a personal trainer was for you?

I need the accountability and the guidance!

*What are your fitness goals?

To be strong

*What is your least favorite exercise?

Anything ABS

*What is your favorite exercise?


*Do you have a favorite piece of equipment?


*What equipment makes you roll your eyes and say not again?


*What’s your favorite healthy food?

Pizza(Carb, Protein, Fat)

*What is your favorite treat meal?


*What’s one of my favorite sayings?


*What is one of your biggest accomplishments while you’ve been training with me?

200 pound Deadlift

*Would you recommend Amy as a personal trainer and why or why not?

Yes! She knows her stuff + is willing to help you meet your goals. She doesn’t dictate goals to you.

Julie was one of my first personal training clients!

I have enjoyed watching her grow from barely being able to deadlift 50 pounds to deadlifting 200 pounds!! It is so rewarding to see your clients succeed!

We’ve had some physical setbacks but, through it all she keeps working, keeps moving ahead and continues to put in the work!

I am super excited to see what the future has in sore for her!!

Until Next time!!!



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