My Favorite Things for February!!

This month I am focusing on some of my favorite fitness equipment that are good for home use!

Even if you have a gym membership there are times that you may want to workout from home or if your traveling, you may not have access to a gym!

Having some great options at your finger tips is essential!!

Here Goes……..

A TRX System-

This is some of my clients FAVORITE equipment! They can not get enough of it!

Others though are not fans! It’s a mixed field!

I absolutely love a TRX.

There are times I scoff and say to my self that there is NO way I will be sore and then I do something and BOOM-I’m crazy sore the next day! I guess there really is something about using your body weight!!

The real TRX’s are expensive and there are several knock offs that are not bad.

No matter if you use the real deal or a cheaper version make sure you check you equipment often! Wear and tear happens!

There really is NO end to the variations, the exercises or even cardio that you can do with this equipment!

A Kettlebell-

Now these are not as travel appropriate! But if you are going by car they do behave well in the car!! I have at least 2-3 in my Jeep at all times!!

They are however, very versatile. You can use them in place of a dumbbell for several exercises-Rows, Squats, Lunges, OH presses and SO many more!

They are also great for cardio. Try a kettlebell swing for 30 seconds and let me know how out of breath you are. But do watch a video or get instructed on the proper technique!

Again it is such a versatile piece of equipment!

Last BUT Not Least……

A Stability Ball-

A good quality stability ball is a must to any home gym!

I use mine in place of a bench most of the time(its really good for your core!!), for many of your ab workouts its a great asset, as well as stretching and I even use it for a chair!!

A stability ball also packs well and you can travel with one! You just deflate and pack your pump. Most come with a small pump that is small and can be packed as well! A word of caution- if you use an air compressor to fill it DO NOT overfill! They can pop!

Do make sure you buy a good, thick quality one and place them in an area where your cat cannot get ahold of them!! Yes, I have experience with this. A small tear and your behind on the ball lead to very loud bursts!! LOL

There You Have It!

That is my month favorites rundown!

Literally I use all 3 of these most every workout I do!

These aren’t just my favorites but my essentials!

Plus You can combine some and use in a workout!!

What about you??

Do you use any of these?

How often do you use a TRX, Kettlebell or Stability ball?

Have you ever traveled with any of this equipment?

Do you love them as much as I do?

Until Next Time!!!



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