One Extremely Fun and Great Workout Way to Get Healthy!!

OK,OK, OK, so maybe not everybody would find this extremely fun!

But it is a great way to stay in shape and to get healthy!


The great thing is is that gardening doesn’t have to be an extremely hard thing to set up!

It doesn’t take a lot of tools and doesn’t take a lot of talent! You don’t really even need to have a green thumb!

Now you can put lot of time and effort and use a lot of tools and even use machines in the garden but I’ll be really honest with you – I am sort of a lazy gardener!!

You will get exercise though! Bending over,working in the garden, raking, watering and even harvesting the garden can be a workout!

A huge plus to gardening is there have also been studies done how the microbes in the dirt contain anti-depressant qualities! So it’s also healthy for your mind and emotions!!

I am going to show you what I’ve done the past couple of years that has simplified my gardening routine!

Raised Beds-

Around two years ago my husband built me a raised bed that is 8 feet long, 3 feet tall and a little over 3 feet wide! We totally swiped the idea from my husband’s brother and sister-in-law!! Sean is going to build me 3 more in addition to my existing one. This is going to be a welcome change!! I am so excited!

Here is a picture of my current raised bed!! We just relocated it!

It really has made gardening super easy! You don’t have to bend down super far,you don’t have to use a tiller or get somebody with a tractor to turn over your dirt.

It’s simply just build the frame, fill it-we used some mulch that we got from our local public works and then topped it with potting soil! 

Now over the past couple years I have used fertilizer and added some new potting soil from time to time just to help make the soil little bit better place for the plants to grow!

One of the best things about a raised bed is that you don’t have to do a ton of weeding! If you just go out every couple of days and just simply pick out any weeds that you find and maybe rake through the dirt with a little hand rake-it’s really is that easy!

Then all that you have to do is just simply pick out what kind of plants you want to put in there! I have had really good luck with tomatoes kale, carrots especially and potatoes! Which this year I am going to ask the hubby to build me a potato box!! Which is very similar to a raised bed except much smaller typically 3 x 3 feet in width and then 4 feet tall. It allows you to plant the potatoes in the bottom and then you just continue to add either potting soil and straw or both on top of the plants and then you just simply pull out the side and get your potatoes when they’re done growing.

Here is a picture of what I want to build!! 

Seed Starting-

This is possibly one of the most fun parts of gardening!

Getting to pick what plants you want to grow!

I always do tomatoes, green beans, carrots,onions and typically kale in the early spring and fall! I do love to experiment with unique plants and new herbs!

I will buy planters from either Walmart or Lowe’s, get a bag of potting soil and then I just plant my seeds!

Now I will pass along one helpful piece of information! Always mark what plants or seeds you just put in! I have made the mistake too many times of planting the seeds and then forgetting what I put in there!!

So today I just planted tomatoes – several different kinds, beets, peppers and some micro greens just to try something new!

Several years ago I purchased a mini greenhouse. It’s one that I can put in the house or out on the porch when it starts to get a little bit warmer. It’s really good for seed starting. I think I paid less than $50 for it at Lowe’s!

I placed all of my planters in the mini greenhouse today!! Now comes the count down to getting them into the raised bed!!

When I finally get my seeds planted in the planter I feel like it’s Christmas Eve and I’m just so excited to see when they start to pop out of the soil! I often wonder does anyone else feel this way?? Perhaps I am a gardening nerd!

What about You?

Do you garden?

What are some of your favorite seeds to plant?

Have you ever tried raised bed gardening?

Do you do a traditional garden?

Feel free to comment below!

I’d love to hear your gardening experiences!!