Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable is OK!

If you are like me, you can often dislike being uncomfortable!!

Now, You may be asking, “What do you mean by uncomfortable?”

It could simply be you are trying something new. ~A new situation, a new class(fitness, bible study) ~A new job! ~A new workout routine. ~A new eating plan. ~A new chapter in your life.

Then there are times-its just life!

Life is hard and often uncomfortable!

People are hard to love, work doesn’t always go the way we want, times are just testing your patience and we have struggles.

The Definition of Uncomfortable-

The definition of uncomfortable: causing or feeling slight pain or physical discomfort; causing unease or awkwardness; irritating:uneasy: bad, tough

Ok, so none of that is an awesome experience! But it is something that you can make it through!

I am convinced that being uncomfortable can be a GOOD thing!

Of course I am a little weird and that’s ok!

Positive Changes Can Come from Being Uncomfortable-

Positive changes can come from being uncomfortable!

Often when you are uncomfortable, it will spur you to make a positive change!

A great example is your pants are too tight, so you are uncomfortable, right? You then realize you need to cut back and start exercising!

Another good example is you know you need to grow closer to God and you buckle down and start a bible study every day!

Perhaps you are uncomfortable in your job, you decide that you need to find another one, that may cause you to need to take a class or get a certification, which can also be a little uncomfortable! But a new job could cause you less stress, pay you more money and be better for your mental health.

Most of us really hate to step out of our comfort zones. That can then cause us to get stuck on this hamster wheel! We are unhappy but not fed up enough to push us to do something different.

When you are stuck on that wheel, it may take being very uncomfortable to get you to move! It can take a worse situation to push us to go a different direction.

Often, the thing that is causing us to be uncomfortable is the opposite of what is good for us!

Did You Know that Being Uncomfortable is Biblical?

Yep! It sure is!

Any of you ever hear of Jonah and the Whale???

Let me paraphrase the story….

God told Jonah to go to the land of Nineveh.Now they were really mean and bad people. God told him to tell them that He was going to rain down fire from Heaven because of their wickedness. Jonah didn’t like them and didn’t really care whether God wiped them off the face of the earth.

Jonah decided that well, he’d just go the opposite direction and hop on a boat! And go as far away as possible! While he was on the boat there was a huge storm that blew in from guess who? Yep!! God!

Now everyone was getting sea sick and the sailors started crying out for God to help them. They drew lots(essentially different sized straws) and guess who got the short one? Guess from who? Again, God!!!

Jonah tells them to toss him overboard and the storm will cease, they argue but in the end they threw him over! Guess what? The storm stopped immediately!

So, there is Jonah, flailing around in the sea and along comes a whale!

The whale sees a free meal and swallows Jonah up!

But God keeps Jonah safe in the whales belly for 3 days and 3 nights! Suddenly the whale gets a sour tummy and basically throws Jonah up on the shore.

Guess where???

Yep, you guessed it!


See, Jonahs situation could be like ours at times. There are times God could be leading you to something that you don’t want to or something that will make you uncomfortable.

But He always uses that situation for good!

I believe that every facet of our life is of great importance to God. Whether its we need to lose weight and need to eat better and exercise. A super stressful job could be causing health problems, family problems and keep you from your full potential.

So, see!!!

Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable can be a Great Thing!

When a situation arises in your life that is uncomfortable, ask God what you need to do different!

Pay close attention to any leadings you feel. Pray over them. God doesn’t mind us asking for more guidance!

Then make a plan to work towards the change He is leading you to!

Where in your life are you uncomfortable?

Do you feel you are being led to make a change in your life-big or small?

Is your uncomfortableness physical, mental, family or even a job?

Are you avoiding making a change because you’re stuck on the hamster wheel?

I would love to hear what’s going on in your life and what amazing changes that you are making!!

Feel free to comment!