Let’s Stay Fit While Stuck at Home!

While this corona 19 virus craziness is going on many of you are going to be or are stuck at home!

As long as you are not running a fever or infected with the virus this is a great time to stay fit!

It is especially a great time to get outside in your own backyard and enjoy some fresh air!

The next couple of days I will upload some videos and posts with some workouts!

I plan to include some yoga and circuit type workouts that you can do with everyday items in your home as well as light weights if you have them!

What You Will Need…….

Stay tuned and be gathering your thick beach towels or yoga mats as well as some water/milk(empty and clean) jugs, water bottles, pool noodles or jump ropes and be looking for a great step to use!

Keep your eyes open for a new post!!


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