Let’s Bring Back Victory Gardens!

Today I’m going to be bringing you a lifestyle blog post!

Gardening happens to be one of my favorite pastimes!

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, I think many families are starting to consider just how they can be more self-reliant. This could be growing a garden, trying their hand at making bread and even raising a few chickens!

Today I’m going to focus on growing a garden!

Our family has gardened for years and many times it helped us financially by supplying produce for the year!  I often can,freeze and dry whatever produce I grow!

I learned all that I know from my mother and she learned from her mother and father! My grandparents raised a Victory Garden during the years of World War II. 

Many families during that time raised enough vegetables and fruit to feed their families and help their neighbors out as well!

People canned and preserved much of their produce to save for the coming year!

Just like our currant situation, where we are seeing our local grocery stores running short on fruit and veggies, many families during WWII had shortages. So what did they do?

They got busy, dug up a spot in their back yard, saved or bought some seeds, planted them and worked the land!

How to Get Started-

1. Decide what your exact needs are. Pick only veggies that your family will eat.

2. Take a look in your yard. Do you have a small bit of space that gets good sun most of the day?

3. How much time do you have? If you work a lot of hours or are super busy with your family you may either want a smaller garden or a raised bed.

4. Make a plan. Sketch out your area. Allot for plant size. Also, figure out how much you need of your favorite vegetables to eat now and can for later.

5. Gather up the items you need-potting soil, seeds, plants, tools, wood if you are making raised beds, ask around to borrow a tiller if you’re putting your garden in the ground!

6. Get busy!!

Check back in Tomorrow!!

I will delve deeper into exact steps you can take to plan a Victory Garden for your family this spring!!

Gardening is one of the most rewarding projects you can start!! It’s also a great form of exercise!!

Until later-


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