How to Not Blow All Your Hard Work!

Suddenly we have all been relegated to stay at home!

Our schedules, routines and life have been turned upside down.

I am working on having a positive mindset-

I have food, a roof over my head and am still able to work a little. I am with the family and pets I love. I do miss my mom and my siblings and am concerned for them. I miss my clients and class participants terribly!

But I know this but a blip in the span of time!

Try to keep this in mind! We will go back to normal before long.

This is what I chat about today.

I know many of my clients and class attendees have worked really hard in the recent months to lose weight, get in shape, walk or run a mile or fit into their favorite old jeans. During a period of time it’s easy to get distracted and fall back into old habits. I know because even I tend to do that!

Hard times=comfort food-right?

But if you have a goal in mind you can let yourself fall prey to that thinking.

I want to give you some steps to put into place in the next coming weeks to stay focused on your goals and to keep moving forward!

Review and Write-

1.Review your goals.

Did you want to lose 5 pounds by June?

Fit into that cute dress for a reunion?(Ok maybe now its cancelled but you still wear the dress!!)

Did you sign up to run a 5k? Even if its been cancelled, guess what there are 20 more planned at a later date! Don’t give up!

Do you want to just feel better and be healthier? What a better time to aim for that!

2.Write down those goals.

Then post them where you will see them.

Heck, put them on the fridge, the pantry or the cookie jar!

Sometimes you just need a reminder!

I have my vision board posted right in front of where I sir at my desk! It serves as a reminder every time I walk by it or sit down! No excuses!

Focus on Fresh Foods-

Try to keep fresh fruit and veggies in the house!

Not only keep them in the house but set them out!

Place a basket on the counter filled with apples, oranges, Cuties and grapes.

Keep cut up veggies in the fridge. I have a divided compartment container that I keep them in. It makes it easier to pull out and have for snacks. A little work done ahead of time goes a long way!

Try to cook and serve fresh meat, chicken and fish-meaning stay away from canned and frozen convenience meats (aka- hot dogs, chicken nuggets and etc). They are ok every once in a while but they can really wreck your weight loss and fitness goals!

Right now most of us have extra time on our hands and making supper together would be a great activity!

Super Food Snacks-

Here are a list of my favorite Super Food Snacks:

Greek Yogurt, berries and granola parfaits

Apples and natural peanut butter

Homemade trail mix (raisins, craisins, favorite nuts, sunflower seeds and perhaps some dark chocolate M & Ms

Graham crackers with peanut butter

Celery and peanut butter

Fresh fruit salad-apples, bananas, grapes, peaches whatever your favorite fruit is!

Smoothies and smoothie bowls! Get creative!

Fresh Juiced green juice! Apples, cucumbers, spinach or kale, kiwi anything green!

Keep a Food Log-

It’s really easy to eat mindlessly when you’re stuck at home and there are snacks everywhere. You can lose track of just how much you are actually eating or not eating.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple notebook can suffice and divide it into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!

There are several apps you can use as well.

This is just a simple way to make sure you’re getting the right kinds of foods and not eating too much junk food and sweets! Give it a whirl!

Wear Your Jeans-

Your jeans don’t lie!

It’s really easy to just wear your yoga or sweat pants and of course they stretch and they don’t always tell the truth.

Sometimes your clothes can be the best measuring tape you can get!

Try to put them on at least once a week just as a measurement!

Get Moving-

Get out and take a walk. Pick out an exercise video on Youtube. Pop in a yoga video. Play chase with your kids and pets in the yard. Put on some good music and have a dance party!

One of the best things to do not only for your body but also your mental health is to get some exercise!

During this time don’t lose sight of your goals and the progress that you have made.

Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t keep moving forward and even see positive physical changes!

Hang in there this will all be over soon and we will all get back to our normal workout and fitness routines!!

Feel free to message me any questions on keeping fit and healthy during this period!!

Until next time!



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