Mid-Year Goals and Dreams

Here we are with June staring down at us and we are almost at the half way mark of 2020!

It is almost impossible to believe! Where in the HECK did the past 5 months go???

Really, with all the Covid 19 mess, I think it has thrown all of us for a loop! I mean half the time I’m not quite sure what day it is!

With all of this confusion and the life disruption of the past two and a half months I feel like a lot of my goals and plans have just gone caput!

Do you feel like all this has caused you to lose sight of your goals? Have you gotten distracted? Have you fallen completely off the goal wagon? Are you discouraged?

I can tell you, I sure have felt all four of these!

It’s really hard for me to accept this-because I LOVE to achieve goals and set goals that are challenging! But, these past two and half months have really messed up my forward progress!

I hate it!

The Great News is- All is Not Lost!

There is still half a year to move forward and to make progress! It is time to sit back down with your vision board/goal list and take some time to think if those goals are still what you want to achieve, if you want to tweak them or change them completely!

Nowhere does it say you can’t redo a goal or change it completely!

I do feel it is really important to keep your goals where you can see them and reminded of your Why! So you may want to redo or make another vision board or goal list!

Here are a few steps for you to do to restart/kickoff the second half of the year and achieve some great things!

1.Take a Moment-

Read over your goal list or take time to look at your vision board.

Ask yourself: Does this or that still apply to me? Do I still want this? How badly do I want this? Is my word for the year still fit? What have I achieved on this list? What do I need to add or take away?

Then decide what changes are needed. Decide whether to redo your board or make a new one! Decide if you need rewrite your goal list!

2.Get Busy-

Gather up any thing you need to redo your board, or pull out a nice sheet of paper to make your new goal list!

Purchase any supplies that may apply to your goals. Decide what if, any essentials are needed.

Like maybe you decided during this time you need a “home gym”(I will have a post on this soon!) so you may want to buy some weights, bands, stability balls or some videos!

Another one might be-If you are wanting to clean up your diet and eat healthier, this is the time to do it! There are farmers markets galore, farm stands with fresh veggies and fruit!

The sky is the limit when setting and doing some new goals!

Goals are meant to spur you to action!

So get busy!

3.Get Focused(Again)-

Some of my favorite sayings are:

“Where Your Focus Goes, Energy Flows”

“Focus on Your Goal. Don’t Look in Any Direction but Ahead!”

If you want to achieve a goal you have to get focused(or in this case re-focused!)! They don’t fall into your lap!

Or just happen.

Get focused.

Then make a step by step plan!

The fun is in the details and the journey!

4.Set Up Some Rewards Along the Way-

When planning out some new goals or redoing your vision board, make sure you set up milestones that you will get some “rewards” on!

This can really help you to stay focused and keep pushing when it gets hard or boring!

Some examples might be some new cute tennis shoes after consistently walking for 3 months. A new exercise outfit when you lose 5 pounds. Perhaps some awesome jeans when you’ve lost 10 pounds! Even eating at your favorite restaurant after eating super healthy for a couple weeks!

Whatever it is make it special to you!

You have 6 Months-What will you achieve in that time?

I think during hard times like this, you really have to focus even harder on what your goals are!

It’s hard when everything is up in the air and the future is so uncertain!

But-It’s up to you! Change is tough, but so are you!

You can do this!

I’d love to hear some of your refreshed goals!

What do you want to achieve?

Did you revise your goals or make completely new ones?

Did you just recommit to the goals you set back in January?

Did you learn anything about yourself through looking through your goals that were set?

Here’s to the next 6 months!

Stay Safe!


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