More to Covid than Just Sickness-

These past 6 months………

Now not all that has happened during this time has been bad. I’m an introvert by nature(and an extrovert by job) so spending time alone or small groups doesn’t bother me too much!

I thought I’d take some time to just write about what all has gone on in this Covid mess and perhaps it would help erase the writers block I have had for the past several months!!

These past 6 months……..

I was able to invest some time in my garden,do some canning, made some awesome sourdough bread, got some chickens and spent some time with my family that we just haven’t had in a long time!

These past 6 months……..

I even gained a couple clients and some have started back up their training after a time off! Most of my clients and I meet outside in my front yard,their back yard or their living room, keeping that 6 feet distance or doing virtual when needed! It really has been great to be outside and enjoy God’s creation!

These past 6 months……..

The down side was I lost some of the classes I taught and a handful of clients, but financially we have done ok.

I think the biggest negative has been, I have missed people in my classes and my clients terribly! I really didn’t realize just how badly, until we had some outside classes back in July and started them back up this past week. I arrived at the classes and just wanted to hug them and tell them how happy I was to see them! But, alas this nasty covid prevents that. So, I hug you from afar!!

I truly can’t complain because so many have had it so much worse, not only sickness but job loss and financial struggles.

These past 6 months……..

They have been mentally draining to me. I feel like I have lost my forward motion! Which is oh, so frustrating to me! I am goal oriented and to feel like a hamster stuck on a wheel is infuriating! I like to have a plan, a road map and this really doesn’t allow for that right now! It’s like when you try to walk on ice and your feet just keep moving but you don’t go anywhere!

But anywhoo!

There are 3 months left……….

Barring that there is no huge craziness that happens, a lot can be accomplished in that amount of time! Goals can be made and met, plans can be set in motion and life can move ahead!

I will choose to focus on the positive and move ahead. I can choose to have a growth mindset, as well as decide, there is a silver lining not only in the past problems, but in the future!

What do you want to accomplish in the next 3 months?

Do you have a goal in mind?

What is your silver lining from these past 6 months? The next 3 months?

I will continue on this subject to explain what I have in mind in some future posts! Keep an eye out!



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